Central & South America

From Ecuador to Colombia, Argentina to Bolivia and Peru, Costa Rica to Mexico - there is no other continent on this planet that I have got under the skin of and breathed in its soul. Traveling and living extensively across both South and Central America, learning its languages, falling in love with its locals, having my breath taken away by shamanistic ceremonies, visiting empty temple sites (this was way before the mega tourist boom of the later 2000s), diving the blue hole in Belize, crossing crocodile infested rivers in Costa Rica, flying in a 2 seater airplane dodging stormy skies to the isolated Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, ridiculously long bus journeys with drunken drivers where I thought I was going to fall off cliffs, being held at gun point in San Jose, watching mega cruise ships pass through the Panama canal, visiting one of the only matriarchal island tribes in the world. Most of my pictures are on film or slide, but more will be on their way once Ive transformed that analogue format to digital. Watch this space! Here's a few to tickle the taste buds for now.

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